My passion lies in working on multifaceted projects and teams, to ignite communities around new artistic practices and ideas. I am a community-minded creator and producer of events and social media marketing campaigns, working at the intersection of education, music, art, civic engagement and social justice. I help organizations capture the stories that illuminate the powerful work they do, whether it's in blog format, social media or video. I believe in the power of authentically sharing our stories, including the challenges, successes, failures, and everything in between. Sharing stories generates community support, builds capacity and engagement and encourages others to share their stories too.

In all of my work, I am dedicated to increasing access and equity, while centering human connection for all ages and backgrounds of folks. My values are shaped by my years of deep involvement in Colorado's independent music scene as a self-driven music promoter and festival producer. My 15+ years of experience working as a DIY producer in both formal and informal projects has given me an array of skills I couldn't have learned anywhere else. Everything I do is infused with a spirit of collaboration and a love of learning.

My specialties include:

- 15+ years of leadership in live event creation and production, including talent booking, visas and contracts, audio/visual management, promotion and documentation.

- Curating live music and performance centered events

- Booking, curating and promoting a variety of literary and activist speakers, educational skill shares, panels workshops for community events and organizations

- Creative direction from ideation to execution

- Grassroots marketing, social media coordination and analytics

- Community outreach and engagement that generates empathy and opportunity for learning

- Collaborative planning and implementation

- Artist management and collaboration

- Training and cultivating volunteer leadership

- Embracing spontaneous dance parties and happy accidents

- Thriving in high pressure atmospheres to get the job done

I am very interested in joining a team that is driven by an effort to solve problems and generate positive and sustainable change; let's work together!