Sarah Slater works at the intersection of community, art, education and live music. From a young age, her life was shaped by participating in independent music scenes and artist-operated spaces in her hometown of Denver, and around the Midwest and Southwestern U.S. Her experiences of DIY and underground culture have informed her desire to create new platforms of expression with accessibility and inclusivity as core values.

After having worked as an independent music promoter for many years, in 2008 she founded Titwrench Festival with a group of like hearted friends; Titwrench is both a festival and creative platform for self-identified women and LGBTQ+ musicians and performers, now in its 10th year. The festival is known for its welcoming nature as a safe space for expression and an eclectic line-up of both emerging and advanced musicians and performers who push boundaries of genre and form. In 2014 and 2018, she co-organized an iteration of Titwrench in Stockholm, Sweden, facilitating a group of musicians from Colorado and New Mexico abroad to share a stage and connect with artists from England, Sweden and Armenia.

Sarah has created and executed hundreds of successful events in living rooms, galleries, city parks and music halls for a variety of organizations over the last 20 years.

As a project manager, event producer, curator and social media specialist, Sarah has worked with Denver Film Festival, SeriesFest, Sprout City Farms and Athena Fest, to name a few. She is well versed in social media and grassroots marketing, talent buying, event production, writing contracts and PR materials and enjoys collaborative work that results in human connection, compassion and learning.